African Game Hunts prides itself in having personally covered the African continent from South Africa to Namibia to Kenya to the Indian Ocean since 2000. Multiple yearly visits have allowed the company to provide first – hand knowledge of the better plains game and bird hunting, as well as fresh and salt water fishing locales.


For any American hunter, the idea of taking an animal in Africa can be the ultimate experience. Whether it be stalking a group of oryx through the rolling hills of Namibia with local trackers or awaiting that lone 600 pound kudu bull from a bush blind, the thrills of this type opportunity can serve as the pinnacle for any hunter.


We have concentrated our hunting options to Namibia and South Africa. Each of these countries is well known for its prolific number of plains game species and there abundance. In these two countries, the profusion of plains game animals is as great as our own American white tail deer. Such large numbers allow for a wide range of species to hunt as well as a few means by which to hunt them. Both rifle hunters as well as bow hunters are welcome.

We have singled out Namibia as our higher end hunting option and South Africa as our economy destination. The only real distinction between these two experiences rests in the level of accommodation and meals. We wanted to make sure we were able to meet the needs of both the type of hunters and feel like we have met that goal.


In addition to the more exclusive Namibia hunt, we have also partnered with Rovos Rail in providing what is a unique opportunity to travel through South Africa via vintage turn of the 20th century rail car. Stopping along the way to either hunt birds or plains game, the Rovos Rail traveler will be spared no luxury in taking part in an experience akin to what Hemingway himself may have experienced.


African Game Hunts is well known for it’s bird hunting opportunities in the central part of South Africa with a high population of game birds including geese, duck, francolin, guinea fowl, pigeon, dove and also grouse. Prepare yourself for action packed days with lots of shooting and enjoy the sunrise and sunsets that is unique to any African hunt. Observers are always welcome to come along at a special observer rate. Please ask us for more information if you are interested in this option.


Head further into our website and you can see that there a large variety of fishing endeavors. Whether it be tiger fish fishing in Tanzania or Botswana, taking part on the catfish run in the Okavango Delta or casting for yellowtail in the high altitude of Lesotho, there are copious opportunities to wet a hook in some exceptional climes.

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