Hottentot TealHottentot Teal (Anas erthrorhyncha)

Similar to the Redbilled Teal, but with a blue bill.


Redbilled Teal
Redbilled Teal (Anas erthrorhyncha)

A small brown duck, with a dark crown cap above a clear, buffy-white cheek and throat and red bill, the Redbilled Teal  is quiet bird. The male gives a soft whiz-zet call.


Yellowbilled Duck
Yellowbilled Duck (Anas undulata)

A brown duck, with a distinct, long yellow bill with a black saddle, the Yellowbilled Duck duck has a thin neck and head with green wingtips.


Whitefaced DuckWhitefaced Duck (Dendrocygna viduata)

A large, long necked, goose-like duck, the Whitefaced duck has a white head and throat with a dark eye and a black nape and back of neck. The lower neck and chest are a rich chestnut color. Wings are black with chestnut shoulders. They have a very distinctive call which sounds like swee-swee-sweeoo.




Egyptian GooseEgyptian Goose (Alopechen aegyptiacus)

A large, pale gray and brown goose, the Egyptian Goose boasts a large, oval chestnut patch around the orange eye. The pale breast often has a dark spot. The back of the wings have white shoulders with chestnut and green wing tips. Life pairs are formed upon maturity. The Egyptian goose is the most commonly seen member of the family. Once sacred in Egypt, its numbers have been growing steadily after almost being driven to extinction.

Spurwing GooseSpurwing Goose (Plectropterus gambensis)

The largest African waterfowl, the Spurwing goose approaches the swan in size. Plumage varies but most adults are dark with a greenish brown-black color and a white face and belly. Their bill is long and pinkish.




Coqui FrancolinCoqui Francolin (Francolinus coqui)

This francolin is small with a small based, yellow bill and bright yellow legs. The male has a plain, buffy orange head with a chestnut crown. The breast is black and white. The female is distinctive with a white eye line and white throat bordered with black plumage. It’s call sound like its name-co-qui.

crested_francolinCrested Francolin (Francolinus sephaena)

With a solid black or brown crown, this species boasts a contrasting clear white line over the eye and dark line through the eye. The chest is covered with heavy white streaked plumage with dark brown spots. It has a small blackish bill with red legs. The male has spurs. The call sounds like kerra-kreek and is repeated about 8 times, especially when called by its neighbors.

Swainson's FrancolinSwainsons Francolin (Francolinus swainsoni)

This species is native to South Africa and shows a black bill, bare red skin around the eye and on front of neck with black legs. The chest is brownish gray with numerous fine white bars. This bird gives a hoarse crackle call of ka-waark up to 10 times at dawn and dusk.




Cape-Turtle-doveDove or Ringed Neck or Cape Turtle Dove (Stretophelia capicola)

This dove’s far carrying sound is a common sound in South Africa. It has a black eye with a pale gray head and chest, a narrow, black hindneck patch and extensive white plumage on the tail. Their call sounds like a monotonous work-HARD-er and a koorr call upon alighting.

Guinea Fowl-HelmetedGuinea Fowl -Helmeted (Numida meleagris)

These fairly large birds are blackish with abundant white spots over the entire plumage. They have bright blue, white and/or red bare skin on the head with a bony casque crown. At night these birds roost in groups in trees and at dawn fly down to walk to water. The call is a grating staccato krak-krak-krak-krak-kridi-kridi-kridi-kridi. During mating season the male has a soft cheeg-cheeg call with the female responding with buck-wheat.

QuailQuail (Coturnix coturnix)

Much like the Coqui Francolin, the Common Quail has a harlequin face pattern, but are a bit smaller.


Rock PigeonRock Pigeon (Columba olivia)

This bird has a slate colored head and belly with rusty streaks on the neck. The back and wing are covered with white specks. The calls are 2 slow muffled whoor notes, followed by a series of louder and faster coo notes.