About Us

African Game Hunts prides itself in having personally covered the African continent from South Africa to Namibia to Kenya to the Indian Ocean since 2000. Multiple yearly visits have allowed the company to provide first – hand knowledge of the better plains game and bird hunting, as well as fresh and salt water fishing locales.


There is no shortage of plains game and fishing options throughout Africa. Our hunting philosophy has steered us towards hunting only plains game animals. There are a number of views on the subject of hunting lion, leopard and elephant in Africa. While we are well versed in those differing views we are comfortable in choosing to concentrate on those hunters looking to take on the adventure of plains game and birds.


Whether it be stalking Oryx in Namibia on foot, sitting in a field of sunflowers as hundreds of rock pigeon swarm overhead, awaiting the right sized spiral horned kudu approach your camouflaged position or calling Egyptian Geese to your duck blind, the opportunities for foreigners to hunt the multiple dozens species of plains game and birds of Africa are substantive.


Born and raised in the rural grounds of eastern North Carolina, I was privy to many pristine vistas over woodlands, fields, pastures, bays, salt waters, estuaries and rivers. Take a satellite view of eastern North Carolina and you see what I was able to call my backyard. Home to one of the country’s best duck hunting spots, Lake Mattamuskeet National Wildlife Reserve is centered over the Atlantic flyway. Whitetails and black bear abound as well as turkey. From an opening weekend dove hunt in a local farmer’s field in late August to a closing weekend duck hunt in Hyde County in late January to striper fishing on the Roanoke River to blue fish surf casting on the Outer Banks, the benefit of being raised in such an outdoor sportsman’s paradise was evident to me at an early age.

Leaving my job at Coca – Cola and simple curiosity took me to Africa in 2000 for a break. An immediate and deep attraction for Africa kept me there for 6 months. For an outdoor enthusiast, it takes little time to appreciate why most of us long to get to Africa. Friends in the Free State of Africa invited me to fish on the Orange River in the first month and hunt with them on their cattle farm at the end of my stay. Seeing the plethora of these plains game animals hooked me on my first visit when I was able to take a blesbok. Since then I’ve been fortunate enough to stalk and take oryx with local trackers that are as talented in finding game as I’d imagine any Native American to be. There is something to be said for just saddling up with locals who have had multi generational tracking skills passed down and now apply every day.


I had a strong desire to offer interested American hunters a chance to enjoy hunting in Africa in luxury as well in a more economical way. So very often American hunters are faced with high hunting prices in Africa. That type experience is not the only way to enjoy perhaps what could be a once in a lifetime hunt. My desire to fulfill the needs of both client groups has been met here with African Game Hunts.