Gabon – Barracuda and Tarpon

Gabon has the longest stretch of untouched coastline left on the African continent, and along with a massive estuary system rich in nutrients, offers the avid salt water fishermen the opportunity to experience the thrill of targeting the numerous and unique species of West Africa with both spin and fly tackle. The abundance of large and aggressive game fish, all eager to attack a well fished lure, is complimented by Africa’s most pristine tropical rain forest which creates the back drop to this one of a kind salt water fishing experience.


November to April
Trip Duration:


9 nights
Group Size


Custom group sizes available
Angling Species:


Jack Crevalle, Whitefin Jacks, Threadfin, Cuberra, Barracuda, Senegal Kob, Tarpon


The camp is on the boundary of the Loango National Park, offering a highly exclusive experience, in which to enjoy both the fishing and wildlife of this untouched venue.


Accommodation is simple chalets with twin configuration. Meals are enjoyed on the main living area, which includes a stocked bar and a deck overlooking the estuary