Botswana – Okavango Delta Tigerfish and Catfish

Each year between September and November the waters receding off the vast Okavango flood plains force recently spawned bait fish from the security of the vegetation rich plains into the dog-eat-dog world of the main Okavango River. The healthy population of catfish in the Okavango River zone in on these helpless bait fish and form massive feeding frenzies, at times thousands of fish, thrashing in the river margins as fleeing bait fish scatter along the surface. These frenzies are commonly referred to as “catfish runs” and are often termed the fresh water equivalent of the wildebeest migration. Witnessing the catfish run alone is reason to get to the Okavango River over these dates. It is, however, the Tiger fishing that draws avid sport fisherman from around the globe to the Okavango River each year. Tigerfish, arguable the finest fighting fresh water game fish around, feed with abandon around the catfish run, providing some of the finest fly fishing available. Our team has over 18 years combined experience on these waters and will guide you competently and professionally over the annual catfish run.


Apart from the Tigerfish, species aficionados can target catfish, nembwe, thin faced large mouth and a host of other bream species.



September to November

Trip Duration:


Minimum of 3 nights

Group Size


Maximum of 6 rods

Angling Species


Tigerfish, numerous bream species incl. Nembwe, Catfish and Pike. Once a Nembwe has been landed, the opportunity to attempt an Okavango Grand Slam is available.




This is an exclusive “tented” lodge located in the Shakawe region in the Western Pan Handle of the Okavango Delta, on the main Okavango channel. From the lodge you have the opportunity to fish the Okavango River as well as the numerous pristine lagoons situated close by.


Xaro Lodge has 8 spacious en suite meru tents sleeping 2 guests each. The tents have been specially designed with glass doors in the front of the tent. Each tent is on leadwood decks and all have views of the Okavango River.


Meals are served and enjoyed in the thatched dining area on the waters edge.


The living area consists of an inside bar and lounge area which contains plug points for charging batteries, cameras and laptops. The lodge also boasts a swimming pool for mid day swims and for those who want to take some time off fishing and simply soak up the Okavango sun There is an outside bar and fire place over looking the river – the perfect place for evening sundowners.